Since 2006, we cooperate in a network of professional animators, cgi experts, cinematographers, designers, directors, post-supervisors, game- and software developers. 


  • Blackship Studios guarantees a direct and precise workflow. We have a unique infrastructure to find the best possible team of experts for your film, television or game project. Key to our success is, that we don't see any difference between small and big budget projects. 
  • We have helped to accomplish over 100 of its partners major project goals. We inspire everyone to make films & games a more emotional experience.


  • Invite over 50 artists from all over the world to join our network frame.
  • Set up the first high-ranked international film studio, which was able to realize projects in a global communication hub.
  • Make animation production about 150% more cost effective in relation to its European competitors.
  • 24/7 working pipeline with the ability to transfer files throughout our in-house cloud service. 
  • Exclusive project management and communication with our clients.
  • Artframe consists of a network of highly educated young talents.
  • Open & flexible internal communication structure.
  • 25% of the game projects have been produced under budget and saved our clients up to 15% of their original investment.
  • Ability to offer state of the art artwork, throughout our internal researchers.