Here's a small sampling of the documentary projects our artframe produced over the years.



tv series • produced by blackship studios • written and directed by SIMON BAUMANN • starring Vadim and vitaly

Our film department worked for 2 years on this action-loaded documentary series. Together with extreme roofers Vadim and Vitaly, we travelled to the highest buildings in the world and conquered them. The series starts in Bulgaria at one of the former Soviet towers.

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Deutschland deine Ideen

TV series • ProduceD by blackship studios written and directed by simon baumann and Simon Feichtl • distributed by Bayerischer Rundfunk

The TV series was developed for Bayerischer Rundfunk. In our pilot series we portrait three startups in Germany. It's a story about ideas, business and the passion to start something new in your life.

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documentary film • produced by blackship studios • written and directed by Simon Baumann • co-Produced by Steve Bergmann • starring bernard khoury • robert bosch film prize

Monopolypolis takes the audience on a road trip through the contemporary Lebanon. Together with Bernard Khoury we explore archives, construction sites and landscapes of societies and communities being developed right now while trying to conserve their identities. Bernard builds within the ruins of the recent history, within a contested territory – a multidimensional arena that reveals the fragile Lebanese identity more than 20 years after the civil war. 

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deckname pirat

dokumentary film • produced by imbissfilm and blackship studios • written and directed by eric asch • in cooperation with fff bayern • distributed by zdf and ard

War mein Vater ein Spion? Diese Frage bildet den Ausgangspunkt einer persönlichen Reise von Autor und Regisseur Eric Asch in die Vergangenheit und die Lebensgeschichte seines verstorbenen Vaters. Der Film führt unter anderem ins West-Berlin der 1950er Jahre. 

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documentary film • ProduceD by blackship studios • written and directed by Simon Baumann • in cooperation with laikareel pictures 

Previsualization in Hollywood. A story about the film industry, its latest developments in VFX and Animation and how the future of the film industry evolves. Experts such as Douglas Trumbull, Marc Weigert and Alex McDowell talk about the chances in previsualitzation.

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short documentary • Produced by Simon Baumann • Rhidian Davis • in cooperation with the stanley kubrick archives • british film institute • university of the arts london

Alex is still Alive is a film about the locations and places in Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece A Clockwork Orange. We revisited the spaces. It is fascinating how spaces can restore history and to make the stories of these environments visible for an audience today. 

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