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Initial Contact

You want to get in touch with one of our team staff? How to offer your skills and knowledge? Just send an email to


Business Contact

There are several ways to contact us if you like to offer us a business deal. We normally look for projects that are innovative, challenging and establish long-term relationships. If you think your business fits into these categories please send your email to


If you work on a project and you need technical, structural or creative consultation please send your email to


Of course, we like to offer our partners, investors and friends to pursue individual expertise. If you prefer to get in touch with one of our experts please send an email to


Not only we offer artists a platform to participate in our creative projects. Studios, companies and agencies can become our partner, too. Please send a detailed inquiry with your specific company information to  


You fear you can't offer any interesting business to our network? Give it a try and send your email directly to



We normally don't offer fixed jobs. We love to collaborate and don't hire for the sake of filling our office seats. We want you to be a full-time partner with equal rights and flexible work hours. 

Currently we look for the following qualifications

  • IT Generalist
  • Unity 3D Developer
  • Unreal Developer
  • Unreal Animator
  • Maya Pipeline Manager
  • Maya Animator
  • Maya Rigger
  • Particle Effects Animator
  • Nuke Compositor
  • Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems

Feel free to send us your showreel, CV or whatever you have. We don't make a big deal out of applications. Everyone who is passionate is welcome.



Blackship welcomes sponsorship. We are happy to promote your service, brand and product into our creative network. There are many advantages for you to partner with us. Especially in the field of entertainment, software and creative service, we offer direct contact to artists and experts. 

  • Pre-production 

  • Post-Producction 

  • Color Grading 

  • Stereo 3D Service

  • Animation Service 

  • Production Service 

  • IT & Programming

  • Game Service