Here's a small sampling of the music and short films our artframe produced over the years.



music video • PRODUCEd by blackship studios • von flocken • DIRECTed by SIMON BAUMANN • cody christensen • starring Wera Bunge • Andrea Michel • Huyen Nguyen • Phuong Anh Le 

For indie band Von Flocken we realized a Wes Anderson style music video. We shot 2 days in a former Soviet military base outside of Berlin.

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Music video • PRODUCEd by blackship studios • waveman records • DIRECTed by SIMON BAUMANN • MUSIC by lucas newman 

For musician Lucas Newman, we shot a music video on 2 days in Bremen.  

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der mann vom mond

short film • Produced by laikareel pictures and blackship studios • written and directed by Simon Baumann • in cooperation with meku film and university of the arts berlin

A film about infancy, the imagination of a single person and the truth beyond the everlasting journey to meet one's own existence. Frank, the main protagonist, a young boy in the age of 14, wakes up one night and goes on a psychedelic trip into the past of his parent's life. 

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short film • Produced by blackship studios • Directed by Simon Baumann • in cooperation with university of the arts berlin • hff münchen • awarded best camera • red bull shorts

A short story about a security man who straws through Berlin at night and meets the wrong people who want his money. 

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