Here's a small sampling of the 2D and 3D animation projects our artframe produced over the years.



cinematic • Mobile Game • Apple IOS • In Cooperation with Mind Studios

In a world far away, lives the king named Slayer, who controls the citizens of Varga. Four fantastic wizards group together to fight the evil king. 




Film • TV • Produced by blackship studios and imbissfilm • written and Directed by Eric Asch • distributed by zdf

War mein Vater ein Spion? Diese Frage bildet den Ausgangspunkt einer persönlichen Reise von Autor und Regisseur Eric Asch in die Vergangenheit und die Lebensgeschichte seines verstorbenen Vaters. Der Film führt unter anderem ins West-Berlin der 1950er Jahre. 



Deutschland Deine Ideen

TV Series • ProduceD by blackship studios • written and directed by Simon Baumann • distributed by bayerischer rundfunk  

Deutschland deine Ideen is a TV series, we produced for Bayerischer Rundfunk. The series portraits upcoming startups in Germany. 

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online • cartoon series • produced by Blackship Studios • written and directed by eric asch • in cooperation with alpensektor • client • airbus

Our animation department created a 6 episodes cartoon series for European airplane manufacturer Airbus. The series was a big success for Airbus travel department. The series portraits two employees and explains their travel plans.

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motion graphics • produced by blackship studios • in cooperation with designworks munich • client • bmw

Our animation department created motion graphics and 2D animation for the Mini Character Workshop staged in London.

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Film • ProduceD by blackship studios • created by Simon Baumann • enrique gonzales • James Kumar 

Nano takes the audience on a sci-fi trip through a destroyed world in the year 2081. The main protagonist Val leads a platoon of special soldiers through a nuclear wasteland. On their journey they overcome battles with Marauders and find their way to the exit. 

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cinematic • Game • In Cooperation with velar games

Skycom is an action-driven air combat game. The player can choose from a wide variety of fighter jets, pilots and levels. It's one of the best of its kind.  

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Ulysses and Claudius

TV Series • cartoon • ProduceD by blackship studios • written and directed by Jorge Enrique Gonzales • Simon Baumann • pilot for Adult swim

 Together with our long-term partner and story genius Jorge Enrique Gonzales we created a cartoon series names Ulysses and Claudius. 

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