Here's a small sampling of the event film projects our artframe produced over the years.



event film • PRODUCEd by Blackship Studios and shell films • in cooperation with DesignWorks munich • client • shell

Our film department teamed up with BMW Designworks Munich and created a film about the shell hydrogen dispenser launch event. 

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interactive event film • Produced by blackship studios • in cooperation with carcasse berlin • Gang of Berlin • client • BBDO • Bund Naturschutz • Awards • Cannes gold, if award

Every year 2000 new trees are planted in Berlin. Therefore the BUND Naturschutz invites for a benefit music concert to save the trees in the city: Tree Concert. Therefore a musical instrument has been designed to make sounds with the chestnuts. Every time a chestnut falls down the tree a sound appears on one of the planes of the interactive installation. Our team filmed the whole process of the project.

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event film • PRODUCEd by Blackship Studios • in cooperation with Carcasse berlin • client • Sonnen gmbH

We created an event film for German E-charger company Sonnen. The film showcases their new E-charger product launch in Kempten.

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Event film • Produced by blackship studios • in collaboration with DesignWorks Munich  • client • bmw

Our film team realized a film documentation for BMW design event. Many of the shots and interviews were taken at the BMW World Munich.

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event film • Produced by blackship studios • Client • Robert BoscH gmbh

Our film team filmed the international Bosch consultant event at Waldorf Astoria in Berlin. We interviewed Bernhard Schuster, Executive Manager and realized a comprehensive documentation of the 2 days, including talks, lectures and round trips.

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Event film • ProduceD by blackship studios • in cooperation with TEDxTUM • client • technische universität münchen

Technische Universität München asked us to record their TED event. We recorded the event with several cameras and edited the final film.

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Digital Leaders 

Event film • Produced by blackship studios • in collaboration with digital leaders 

For Digital Leaders event we filmed a comprehensive documentation at Maximilianeum in Munich. 

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