Here's a small sampling of the interactive & Social Media projects our artframe produced over the years.

GYMDER APP DEvelopment 

Producer: Simon Baumann / Programming: BlackAPP Division & GTL / Supervisor Programming: Yogi Ajit / Produced for Gymder gmbh 

GYMDER is the leading social fitness app that brings real people together in real life. Everyone can find mutually interested workout partners nearby right when you need them.

Development Android Version of the GYMDER application.

Application development and design integration.  Integration of diverse APIs/SDKs i.e. Google Places, Quickblox (Backend API), Fabric / Crashlytics.

Parallel to the App Development we produced the Official Gymder Trailer


Producer: Alexej Alschitz, Simon Baumann, Steve Bergmann / Direction: Simon Baumann / Cinematography: Sebastian Lempe / Architecture: Alexej Alschitz / Spatial Design: Steve Bergmann / Interaction Design: Kamil Garbasz / Sound Design: Philipp Toegel / Produced for BBDO & Bund Naturschutz Germany / Gang of Berlin

Every year 2000 new trees are planted in Berlin. Therefore the BUND Naturschutz invites for a benefit music concert to save the trees in the city: Tree Concert. Therefore a musical instrument has been designed to make sounds with the chestnuts. Every time a chestnut falls down the tree a sound appears on one of the planes of the interactive installation. This process was filmed to document this unique happening which took place in Berlin for one week in 2012.

Communication Design 2013-1.jpg