Here's a small sampling of the shorts our artframe produced over the years.

Escape / Lucas Newman

PRODUCER: blackship studios & waveman records / DIRECTOR: SIMON BAUMANN / CINEMATOGRAPHY: achmed naijer / ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: moritz esche & lucas newman / concept: anita kwok & SIMON BAUMANN / MUSIC & SOUND: lucas newman 

frühlingsfrau / von flocken

PRODUCER: blackship studios & von flocken / DIRECTOR: SIMON BAUMANN & cody christensen/ CINEMATOGRAPHY: michael plundrich / Edit: Niclas Raab / Camera assistant: David gaiser / Light: Arne Weiss / makeup: Natalie Federl, Katharina Stengele / actors: Wera Bunge, Andrea Michel, Huyen Nguyen, Phuong Anh Le, Patrick Willems, Pip Dupree 


Producer: Simon Baumann & Matthis Heinzmann / Director: Simon Baumann / Cinematography: Sebastian Lempe / Associate Producer: Steve Bergmann / Author: Simon Baumann / Music & Sound: Jochen Jessuzek 

A film about infancy, the imagination of a single person and the truth beyond the everlasting journey to meet one's own existence. Frank, the main protagonist, a young boy in the age of 14, wakes up one night and goes on a psychedelic trip into the past of his parent's life. He meets his older brother Dee, a drug addict and jealous fellow who spends his nights in one of the nearby dollhouses. 


Producer: Simon Baumann / Director: Simon Baumann / Cinematography: Michael Plundrich / Associate Producer: Alexander Fritzemayer / Editor: Martin Kosok 

A Berlin night story. Gambling, cheating and the hassle to loose it all in one night.  


Producer: David Kujawa / Director: Simon Baumann / Cinematography: David Kujawa / Associate Producer: Benno Hamann / Author: Simon Baumann

The fashion photographer sneaks his victims in the park at night. There is no chance for the models to escape. A black comedy and homage on Peeping Tom.