Here's a small sampling of the animation projects our artframe produced over the years.


Game IOS Platform / 2015 release date / In Cooperation with Mind Control Studios

In a world far away, there is a king named "The Slayer", who wants to mind control the citizens of Varga. Four fantastic wizards group together to fight the bad king and to free the people of Varga. 


Producer & AUTHOR: Simon Baumann / Co-Author: James Kumar / Lead Designer: Jessada Sutti / Character Designer: Florian Frick, Henry Pashkov 

Nano Soldier takes the audience on a sci-fi trip through a lately destroyed world in the year 2081. Together with the main protagonist Val we explore nano megacities, and trashed landscapes of societies and communities being developed in a China Republic 70 years from now.


Producer: Simon Baumann / Director: Eric Asch / Author: Eric Asch / Lead Designer: Trevor Jones / 3D Animation: Joshua Blitzer / Animation: Letty Felgendreher / Storyboard: Enrique Gonzales / Compositing: Tahnee Gehm

War mein Vater ein Spion? Diese Frage bildet den Ausgangspunkt einer persönlichen Reise von Autor und Regisseur Eric Asch in die Vergangenheit und die Lebensgeschichte seines verstorbenen Vaters Robert Asch. Der Film führt unter anderem ins West-Berlin der 1950er Jahre. Dort ist Robert Asch an einer verdeckten Spionage-Aktion des US-Geheimdienstes ASA beteiligt. In den 1970er Jahren gerät er erstmals selbst ins Visier eines Nachrichten-dienstes. In der DDR findet er ab 1980 viele gute Freunde, die im Nachhinein keine sind, denn er wird von der Stasi belauscht und beschattet.

dark conflict

Game IOS Platform / 2016 release date / In Cooperation with Mind Control Studios

In a time of anarchy and pure violation Steve Bowley, a young motorcycle racer takes part in an apocalyptic fight against aircrafts and detonation robots.

bayerischer rundfunk pilot – Switch animation 

Producer: Simon Baumann & Simon Feichtl / Director: Simon Baumann / animation: rafael varone / EDITOR: ERIC ASCH / Sound & Music: Eric Asch 

MINI – Character workshop london – animation

motion graphics: blackship animation & ADLOOPS / Production Consultant: Andrew Barke / Production supervisor: Simon Baumann

busy bob – airbus cartoon series 

Animation: Blackship Studios / Animation producer: Simon baumann / Animation supervisor: trevor jones / character animator: Rafael Varon & Rachel Yeung / Story: Eric Asch / agency: Alpensektor / client: Airbus

iwatch – apple product render 

PREVIS ANIMATION: GREG DUALTO / rendering: blackship artframe

ASI Robotics – product animation 

ANIMATION & Rendering: team blackshiP

For ASI Robotics we developed a smart microbot character. The character is animated and rigged. For the project we used a highly detail 3D model by ASI. The robot is able to jump and run and has an integrated micro processor to scan data via its head-mount camera. 


PRODUCER & DIRECTOR: SIMON BAUMANN / 3d Modeling & Rendering: Jan Hirste / ANIMATion: Team Blackship / Music: sound caz